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CBD Going Lux

One of our friends who does massage for the Ritz Carlton hit us up last weekend with a question about CBD.

It seems the high-end resort has caught onto the CBD craze and is now offering a couple different options for treatments with CBD.

The Ritz isn’t the only luxury spot frequented with those who live lifestyles of the rich and famous whose caught onto the ultra-trendy world of weed.

CBD has become one of the hottest trends to hit the scene with celebs and stylists galore gushing over the beauty benefits the non-psychoactive cannabinoid contains.

Barneys is about to embrace the modern world of marijuana, recently announcing that their flagship store in Beverly Hills will soon be opening their own legal cannabis shop, appropriately named “The High End”.

With the legalization of recreational marijuana, several cannabis consumers have come out of the closet. When Barneys noted a rise in cannabis use amongst its current client base, it was really no question of what to do next.

“Barneys has always been at the forefront of shifts in culture and lifestyle,” said Barneys New York CEO and President, Daniella Vitale, “and cannabis is no exception.”

Staying true to their almost 100-year-old roots, Barneys will be selling some of the highest end cannabis products that exist. The luxury department store has partnered with Beboe, a designer cannabis brand founded by celebrity tattoo artist Scott Campbell and former fashion executive Clement Kwan.

“I’m so thrilled cannabis culture has come so far that it can exist and feel perfectly at home in such a prestigious content,” says Campbell. “Barneys has never been shy about pushing creative boundaries in retail and it makes perfect sense that they would be the first to support and elevate cannabis to new levels.”

In true lux fashion, Beboe created their own exclusive product for Barneys…and worked with other brands to create some (super bougie) cannabis products that will only be sold at The High End.

Exactly what pot products will the luxury retailer be selling?

There will be gold rolling papers by Shine, glass pipes by Caleb Siemmon, horn lighters by Lorenzi Milano, and leather ashtrays by Giobagnara.

A new strain of cannabis was also created by cannabis brand Sherbinskis, that will be sold exclusively at Barneys in a pack of pre-rolled joints.

For their clients that enjoy the finer aspects of cannabis but don’t want to get high, Barneys will offer CBD-infused beauty products.

It’s no secret that celebs are going crazy over the beauty benefits of CBD. The non-psychoactive cannabinoid is blended into all kinds of high-end beauty products.

Lord Jones has a CBD lotion celebs are praising for its ability to help save their feet from long hours spent on the red carpet. Miss Grass sells a $150 CBD-infused facial serum. Two former Goop (Gwyneth Paltrow’s luxury beauty brand) employees recently launched a luxury CBD beauty brand, Fleur Marché, that is aimed toward the high-end woman with its arsenal of PMS products, skincare products, and beauty potions that all contain CBD.

Cannabis sure has come far from its days of being stigmatized for its use by those who fit the stoner stereotype.

What’s next?

The world, it seems, is cannabis’s oyster.

It’s certainly come far from its days being sold on the streets with pot paraphernalia sold at seedy smoke shops.

Cannabis, THC and CBD included, hasn’t only gone mainstream…it’s gone lux.

From CBD massages at places like the Ritz Carlton and a high-end “head shop” at Barneys, it’s safe to say the world of cannabis will never be the same.   

What are your thoughts on the new mainstream trend of cannabis? Share them with us in the comments below!

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