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Elixinol Medical Advisor Dr. Philip Blair Featured by Consumer Reports

by Chris Husong

On February 3, 2019, Elixinol medical advisor Dr. Philip Blair was featured by Consumer Reports.

The article focused on the potential role of hemp cannabidiol (CBD) for people who, under their doctor’s supervision, are weaning from strong medicines that may be addictive. Dr. Blair works with his patients to help them wean gradually, at the pace that works best for them.

“If they know they have something to rely on, to count on, to get back to normal and get them through this time period, they can do it,” he told Consumer Reports.

Dr. Blair, who has consulted over 2,000 patients in his private practice, told Yahoo! News in January 2019 that he tends to see overall relaxation after he observes someone take a serving of CBD–including visibly relaxed muscles in the face and shoulders.

Scientific opinions vary when it comes to CBD’s potential applications; many researchers believe more studies are needed to get a better idea of where CBD can be best utilized. What we do know is that, for some people, CBD may promote calm and a sense of well-being, which is essential to getting through times of change or difficulty.

Keeping stress in check is key to managing all major life changes, whatever they might be. CBD may be able to help you respond to stress in a productive way, since your endocannabinoid system (ECS) is being well-nourished and supported. The ECS is the major player in your body’s state of homeostasis, and can often be “starved” of natural cannabinoids.

CBD’s ability to alleviate temporary symptoms of anxiety and inflammation, for example, may be especially helpful while a person transitions back to their regular routine. Highly bioavailable CBD formulations, like Hemp Extract Liposomes or a microencapsulated, powdered CBD water mix like Create | Build | Dream are perfect when you need a fast-acting serving of cannabidiol.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a precisely measured, consistent serving, CBD Capsules or the X-Pen may be right for you.

Elixinol X-Pen by Herb.co

The X-Pen offers easy, precise servings of Elixinol hemp CBD extract. (Photos courtesy of Herb.)

Elixinol CBD Capsule photo by herb.co

Hemp CBD Capsules by Elixinol are a discreet, taste-free way to get a long-lasting serving of hemp CBD extract. (Photos courtesy of Herb.)

There is a wide variety of different CBD formulations available to fit any lifestyle and preference.

The Importance of Safe CBD Extraction Techniques

To experience the best results with hemp CBD extract, it’s critical to seek out the safest, highest-quality source for your CBD oil. Look for companies that value transparency and safe extraction techniques that produce a pure, clean CBD extract.

Supercritical CO2 extraction is a superior method for extracting CBD oil without the use of harmful chemicals or solvents. This method prevents harmful residues from contaminating the resulting CBD. It’s also the method we use here at Elixinol to ensure the highest safety and efficacy of our products.

We think it’s important to note that our CO2 extraction process is non-flammable, which makes extraction (and the personnel who produce our extracts) much safer.

Your CBD should also be full-spectrum (not an isolate) cannabidiol extracted from organic industrial hemp. Because the hemp plant takes up contaminants from the soil around it, organic hemp farming is incredibly important to the production of a pure extract. All Elixinol’s full-spectrum CBD extracts come from organic hemp grown and harvested in the U.S.

If you’re looking to pinpoint a customer-first CBD source, you’ll also want to find out whether the company offers Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for every product batch and lot (that’s something we do, too–you can learn how to read our COAs here).

A COA discloses important information about the purity of your CBD, along with potential contaminants. Our CBD extracts, for example, are rigorously tested by two separate, third-party laboratories for things like heavy metals and microbiological contaminants.

Ready to start your journey with pure, potent, full-spectrum CBD extract from organic hemp? Click here to explore our family of products. There’s something for every preference and lifestyle.

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