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Elixinol Enters New Zealand CBD Market, Makes Hemp History in 2019

By Chris Husong

Last year, Elixinol continued to establish itself as a leader in the worldwide hemp market, even attracting consumer attention in Japan. Now, we’re thrilled to announce our entry into the New Zealand CBD market.

In December 2018, New Zealand passed its Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis) Amendment Act. This act removed CBD from the country’s Class B1 controlled substances list.

The Act called CBD a substance with “little or no psychoactive properties.” It also allows importing of CBD in quantities up to a 3-month supply.

Our hemp CBD tinctures, capsules, liposomes, and CBD drink mix all meet or exceed New Zealand’s importing standards. As of January 2018, our first product shipment arrived successfully in New Zealand.

“As a company who meets and exceeds quality and import standards in 40 different countries, we welcome the opportunity to serve the people of New Zealand with premium quality CBD,” Ettenson said.

Paul Benhaim, CEO of Elixinol’s parent company, EXL, said, “We are delighted to be one of the first companies to supply New Zealand patients with the range our US customers have been benefiting from for years.”

New Zealand Elixinol orders require a prescription, which can be submitted with orders at elixinol.com.

Elixinol CBD is Poised to Make Waves in 2019

Elixinol started 2019 with a bang, making hemp history in New York City’s iconic Times Square as one of the first CBD companies to advertise during New Year’s Eve 2018.

“We’re fortunate that even though we’re a quickly growing international company, we’re also able to be incredibly nimble and active,” Elixinol president Gabriel Ettenson told Westword in an exclusive interview.

Elixinol President Gabriel Ettenson Exclusive Interview with Westword

Elixinol President Gabriel Ettenson participated in an exclusive interview with Westword on January 13, 2019.

“Our team identified the opportunity and put it together very quickly. It was a real team effort.”

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