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Life Patent CBD-A Oil Relaxed Our Sore Muscles & Eased Chronic Pain

Life Patent CBD-A Oil is different than other hemp extracts, and could offer unique benefits.

Most readers of our site are familiar with CBD, or cannabidiol, the naturally occurring compound in industrial hemp that offers numerous healing benefits. This Life Patent supplement contains both CBD and another cannabinoid, Cannabidiolic Acid or CBD-A. CBD-A is a precursor to CBD, meaning it’s essentially one of the chemical building blocks that makes up CBD.

While CBD-A is not believed to activate the endocannabinoid system in the same way as CBD, preliminary research in academic journals suggests CBD-A may have anti-inflammatory effects, could reduce nausea, and may have other benefits too. Like so many aspects of hemp, we hope to see more CBD-A research in the future.

As for us, our reviewer found that taking Life Patent CBD-A Oil seemed to reduce the effects of a chronic pain condition even during a painful flare up. Anecdotally speaking, taking this tincture before and after workouts seemed to result in dramatically reduced post-workout soreness too. One thing to note: this tincture has a strong, bitter hemp flavor. Drinking water took care of the taste for us. If you’re sensitive to hemp flavor, you might try Life Patent’s great-tasting Daily Health CBD or mix the CBD-A into a complimentary-tasting food like chocolate or coffee.

A senior couple pause by a rock wall as they enjoy a hike in the woods. Life Patent CBD-A Oil offers unique benefits that could help people of all ages maintain an active lifestyle.

Life Patent CBD-A Oil offers unique benefits that could help people of all ages maintain an active lifestyle.

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Read on to learn more about Life Patent and get our complete review of Life Patent CBD-A Oil.


Life Patent is a veteran-owned company with an especially skilled team that brings together hemp experts and bioscience experts. The Life Patent team practices full traceability, following their products at every stage. Every tincture begins its life as two proprietary types of hemp carefully planted to grow in the Colorado rain and sun. Then, multiple extraction methods are used in their Good Manufacturing Practices-compliant facility to create great tasting and effective tinctures.

We appreciate Life Patent’s commitment to transparency and clear labeling, too. Third-party lab results showing the cannabinoid and terpene content of every tincture are available right on every product page. Life Patent also offers discounts to veterans, seniors, and others in need in return for feedback on how Life Patent CBD-A oil and their other products help their conditions.

Life Patent CBD-A Oil (Ministry of Hemp Official CBD Review)LIFE PATENT CBD-A OIL OFFICIAL REVIEW

  • Highlights: Life Patent CBD-A Oil is a unique medical-grade hemp extract combining CBD (cannabidiol) with CBD/A (Cannabidiolic Acid), a natural chemical precursor to CBD.
  • Strength: 1000mg per 30ml bottle, also available in 500mg and 2000mg bottles
  • Price: $49.95 – $199.95
  • Customer Service & Shipping: Fast, friendly customer service. Flat rate shipping starts at $5, with free shipping available on some orders.
  • Independent Test Results: Online.
  • Flavor & Texture: This hemp extract has a strong, bitter hemp flavor with a light oily mouthfeel that easily rinses away with a drink of water.
  • Ingredients: Full-spectrum Hemp extract in MCT (coconut-based) oil with Natural flavoring
  • Other: LifePatent also makes great tasting CBD oil tinctures! They have a 30-day refund policy for unsatisfied customers.

Life Patent uses Colorado-grown hemp in their products. They offer a CBD assistance program for qualified veterans, seniors, and chronic pain sufferers. Contact Life Patent customer service for more information or to sign up.

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