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CBD Oil vs. Capsules: What’s Right for You?

CBD oil tinctures and CBD capsules are two of the many ways to consume cannabinoids. Depending on your lifestyle and your tastes, you might prefer one form over the other. But how can you be sure which one is best for you: CBD capsules vs. oil?

Now that the 2018 Farm Bill is law and there is more access to hemp CBD than ever before, it’s the perfect time to find out what methods of taking CBD suit you best.

There are a variety of ways you can easily get a serving of CBD throughout the day, whether in the morning, afternoon, or at night before bed. CBD is a versatile supplement, and it can fit into your life during travel, before or after exercise, or even as a part of your food or drink.

Let’s explore the similarities and differences between CBD tinctures and capsules.

Capsules & Tinctures’ Method of Consumption and Speed of Delivery

CBD capsules in tinctures can both be ingested, meaning your digestive system absorbs the cannabidiol. CBD tinctures can also be taken sublingually, which means that they are absorbed into your bloodstream through the mucous membranes in your mouth. (This method of delivery is also known as transmucosal, as CBD can be absorbed through mucous membranes all over the body.)

CBD tinctures, whether taken sublingually or ingested, reach the bloodstream much more quickly than CBD capsules. Capsules take longer to get into the bloodstream because they have to dissolve in the stomach first.

However, a little-known method for taking CBD capsules is to actually take the capsule sublingually. How does that work? Simply place the CBD capsule between your teeth, bite the capsule, then allow the oil inside to settle in the bottom of your mouth. Then, hold it in your mouth for up to 2 minutes before swallowing.

CBD Serving Size Preferences

When consuming a CBD tincture, there may be variations in the size of your serving from day to day, depending on how much oil you draw into the dropper.

If you’re more interested in getting an exact serving of CBD every time you take it, capsules may be your best bet. Capsules contain a precise amount of CBD for your convenience and peace of mind.

Lifestyle Considerations When Taking CBD Tinctures vs. Capsules

Some people prefer the experience of holding a tincture in their mouth and allowing the CBD to reach their bloodstream. The smooth texture of the oil, coupled with the natural flavor of hemp, is a soothing experience for some.

If you’re adventurous and love the idea of cooking with the earthy, natural flavor of CBD, tinctures may be a great option for you. Both Natural and Cinnamint-flavored tinctures are fantastic in a smoothie or a hot drink.

Taking CBD capsules sublingually is excellent for travelers and anyone else who’s on-the-go. Not only do they get a specific, precise serving of CBD inside a convenient capsule, but they can also bite the capsule and receive their CBD sublingually. That’s a win-win.

Capsules are also great for anyone who prefers not to taste their CBD. On the other hand, if you have trouble swallowing a capsule, a tincture–even a versatile tincture that can be applied topically, like Respira–might be your best bet.


Between tinctures and capsules alone, there are many ways to incorporate full-spectrum CBD into your life. Beyond those, there is a myriad of other great choices that can fit any lifestyle. Whatever it looks like for you, be willing to explore and discover the many ways CBD can be a part of your life, in the best way possible.

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