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10 Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol Gifts for the Best Holiday Ever

The holidays are here–we can’t believe it, either. If you’re still wrapping up your holiday shopping and need the perfect hemp derived cannabidiol (CBD) gift for your loved one, we’ve got you covered.

1. Hemp CBD Oil Capsules

The best CBD oil capsules are a discreet cannabidiol experience, with a precise and potent serving of pure hemp CBD extract. Give CBD capsules to loved ones who may want a convenient, taste-free serving of CBD in their daily lives.

CBC capsules are especially fitting for those who are on the go. What better time to incorporate CBD into your travel than during the holidays?

2. Hemp CBD Oil Tinctures

Elixinol CBD oil tinctures are a great way to enjoy a serving of CBD, whether blended into your favorite smoothie or coffee, taken sublingually, or stirred into your favorite recipe.

Naturally-flavored CBD oil drops are easily incorporated into savory recipes, while Cinnamint drops add a festive flair to the holidays with their classic, seasonal flavor. Share CBD oil tinctures with a special foodie in your life for the perfect stocking stuffer.

3. Hemp CBD Oil Liposomes

Citrus is a flavor associated with the holiday season. Make your own CBD water with a tasty citrus twist by mixing a pump or two of Hemp CBD Liposomes into your water to rehydrate after your annual holiday parties. Share it with friends and family, or include a bottle in a festive gift or goodie basket.

4. Respira Versatile CBD Oil Tinctures

Want to share hemp CBD extract this holiday, but not sure which CBD gift your loved one prefers? Try Respira, our versatile CBD tincture based in glycerin. Respira, which comes in delicious Natural and Grape Mint flavors, can be taken internally or used topically for a serving of localized CBD delivered through the skin.

5. The X-Pen

The X-Pen, invented by Elixinol, is the perfect size for a stocking. It’s a fantastic way to get a perfectly-measured, precise serving of CBD oil with every click, every time you use it. It’s convenient and easy to place in a bag or briefcase when you’re on the go. The pen features a twist lock-mechanism to keep the CBD contained safely inside, and innovative Miron glass protects it from UV rays.

6. CBD Hemp Balm

Know a runner, yogi, martial artist or athlete who would love using a topical CBD extract for their workout recovery? Our Hemp Balm is great for massaging into achy muscles after a long workout, run, or training session. Formulated with Hemp CBD Oil, Ucuuba Butter, Virgin Andiroba Oil, and Blue Malee Eucalyptus, Hemp Balm is soothing not only for recovery but for nourishing your skin, too.

7. CBD Lip Balm

Want an easy, fun way to share CBD this holiday season? Share sticks of CBD Lip Balm at your next holiday party. The Shea Butter-and-CBD formula provides a soothing layer of protection for the lips in any weather.

8. CBD Dog Treats

If you have furry canine friends, you can’t forget them during the holidays! Fill your pup’s stocking with CBD for dogs–they’re treats sure to delight your canine companion (because she’s been a good girl all year long, yes she has!).

9. SATIVA Skincare

While our brand new SATIVA Organic Hemp Skincare line does not contain CBD, it’s filled with all the goodness of hemp seed oil. If your loved one cares about the highest quality, plant-based hair and skin care products as much as they care about protecting the planet, SATIVA is hemp for skin care that’s not to be missed.

Not only are SATIVA products filled with exotic botanicals from around the globe that nourish your body from the outside in, but they’re also carbon neutral and backed by world-class production ethics.

10. Hemp Seeds & Protein Powder

Last but certainly not least, our Hemp Seeds and Hemp Protein Powder are powerhouses of complete nutrition and protein. They’re a fantastic addition to any gift basket for the foodie or smoothie enthusiast in your life.

Ready to get your last-minute shopping done? Browse our products for the perfect CBD oil gifts today.

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