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Samull Grant Awarded to 10 Classrooms

image3The Herb Society of America is giving $300 in “seed money” to 10 classrooms throughout the United States to foster learning and environmental appreciation. The funds are used for supplies such as soil, plant trays, containers, youth-sized tools, and more to establish classroom herb gardens.

“Garden based learning is a tremendous way for kids to learn not just about plants but science, math, history, geography, life skills, and more,” says Rie Sluder, president of The Herb Society of America. “We are impressed with the plans that the teachers have to use the “seed” money, and love that the Samull Classroom Herb Garden Grants create opportunities for children to learn about the important role herbs play in our everyday lives.”

The Samull Classroom Herb Garden Grant was founded in 2009 by the estate of teacher Donald Samull. An elementary school teacher, Mr. Samull used his love of herbs to teach his students about nature. Today, the Samull Classroom Herb Garden Grant honors his love of herbs and continues that tradition of combining teaching and the environment.

Jefferson elementary - st louis missouri - samull grantThis year’s recipients are…

  • Creation Kids Village School – Celebration, Florida
  • Esparto Middle School – Esparto, California
  • Corvallis Waldorf School – Corvallis, Oregon
  • James B. Edwards Elementary School – Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
  • Milwaukee Parkside School for the Arts – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Harrison Center’s 21st Century Community Learning – Port Huron, Michigan
  • Youth Opportunities Unlimited – New Bedford, Massachusetts
  • Dutch Ridge Elementary School – Beaver, Pennsylvania
  • Stone Springs Elementary School – Harrisonburg, Virginia
  • Kaelakehe Elementary School – Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

The 2018-2019 grant was able to supply more schools because of the one-time generous grant from the FJ Foundation. To choose the winners, the Samull Classroom Herb Garden Grant Committee’s five members, read nearly 170 applications and reviewed the applications three times, according to Chair Peggy Rados,

To learn more about how our awardees plan to use the seed money please visit the grant webpage.