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Call Center Supervisor, West Palm Beach


Surterra’s Call Center Supervisor will be responsible for providing leadership through our inbound and outbound call centers ensuring quality, engaging and efficient service to our current and prospective customers. Day-to-day activities of the call center inclusive of best practices in hiring, motivating, rewarding, coaching, counseling, training and problem solving of customer service teams consistent with Surterra’s core values and brand standards. Essential responsibilities will include: Driving operational excellence in our call centers to achieve targeted answer rates, call quality and utilization rates with a focus on continuous call center operational and efficiency improvements.

The Call Center Supervisor will act as Surterra’s brand ambassador and will display premier written and verbal communication skills will be customer centric. You have a passion for life, a passion for wellness and for healthy living. You will be described as compassionate, positive, loving, caring, full of life and energy, and passionate about the healing benefits of therapeutic cannabis.

CORE JOB DUTIES 1. Customer Service Responsibilities:

Manage incoming calls and answer calls in the order in which they are received.

Respond to and resolve customer questions, requests and complaints. Utilize the scripted responses outlined in the Customer Care Manual. Calla supervisor if needed.

Obtain the customer’s full name, the name of the caregiver, if applicable, date of birth, address, ordering physician and route of application of product.

Compassionate Use Registry searches.

Accurately meet customers’ needs promptly and effectively.

Obtain proper information from the appropriate departments and use as needed when helping our customers.

Communicate with employees to maintain a steady patient traffic flow to maximize sales and customer satisfaction.

Consult with the Subject Matter Expert on duty in order to provide correct product suggestion to customer.

Refer to the Customer Care SOP in order to ensure proper protocol when assisting our customers.

Maintain caregiver paperwork in accordance with the State of Florida, maintain tracking in system and communicating changes to physicians.

Record and collaborate with Wellness Center, and Delivery Team regarding pre-orders and online orders to ensure accurate product information, and timeliness of delivery.

Discuss the Company’s economic hardship plan and have the customer complete and return form and enclosed subsequent documentation in order for Surterra to determine if patient is eligible for a lower cost product.

Maintain organization of desk space through daily upkeep and light cleaning.

2. Cannabis based Education and Guidance:

Maintain knowledge of all applicable state and local laws, as well as documentation processes in accordance with the State of Florida Office of Compassionate Use.

Maintain an understanding our cannabis based therapeutics, and services provided by the Company.

Educate patients on the processes of registration, renewals, lost registration documents, etc.

Maintain an understanding of Surterra’s products, dosing, and routes of administration.

Record specific requests, preferences, and notes concerning patient registration status using appropriate software.

Maintain awareness of patient input and suggest changes to improve service or product.

3. Documentation:

Prepare documents as needed to assist patients in registering with the State of Florida Office of Compassionate Use.

Ensure all patient files are current and required documentation is on file and follows all guidelines issued by the State of Florida.

Maintain patient database through entering new patients, adding or removing membership, updating changes in information, scheduling appointments and updating patient registration status.

Coordinate with the CallCenter Manager for office supplies as needed.

Apply directly: https://surterra.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=116

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