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Brand and Product Manager, Atlanta


We believe that wellness is a pursuit and that nature can empower our health now and in the future. This past decade has seen a powerful shift in the way we define healthy living. From greater access to naturally-grown, organic foods to the awareness of the dangers of overly-processed, chemically-dependent products, communities everywhere are rediscovering what it means to live well. Surterra Wellness believes that this push for safe, natural ingredients should not stop at the grocery store, and we are focused on transforming the way people take control of their health. Our mission is to provide the purest, safest, naturally derived medical cannabis- based products that can make a positive impact in our society ’s journey for health and wellness.

The Surterra Wellness Brand and Product team task is challenging, yet stimulating: understand consumer perception, adoption, and usage of cannabis products – then use these insights to develop innovative brands and products that will help consumers achieve wellness. The Brand and Product Manager is empathetic and creative in order to identify consumer needs and create products that solve for those needs. Your analytical background and business acumen will contribute to robust consumer and business solutions. You will assess the completive landscape, internalize consumer profiles and needs, then build the product portfolio with one objective in mind, become the consumers trusted brand and product for health and wellness. We’re the trailblazers building this new wellness category and seeking a bold, driven leader. We need passionate people who can embrace their role as a change agent and a sign up for a purposeful journey with us.

As the Brand and Product Manager, you will work closely with key leaders across the organization. You will be responsible for overseeing product development efforts as well as new product launches. This role is exciting and demanding. Daily efforts may range from working with the operations team in our cultivation facility to validate production feasibility to collaborating with the design team on packaging concepts and product launch materials.  Due to the wide range of skills this role requires, it is essential you are highly organized, self-motivated, and have superior communication skills. You will be responsible for bringing ideas and concepts to life, on schedule and within budget. You will work daily with vendors and researchers to ensure continuous improvement and innovation based on your in-depth knowledge of consumer trends and persisting needs.


  • Drive routine consumer research efforts via online surveys, focus groups, social listening and more. You know the brand’s consumer best and are in tune with their needs.
  • You are detail oriented and stick to processes. You use this skillset to oversee the product development timeline and product launch schedule both with internal teams and external parties.
  • Responsible for the continuous improvement of KPIs such as Brand Satisfaction and Product Satisfaction Rates. Oversee monthly reporting on these topics, provide insights for how to improve metrics and implement action plans to do so.
  • Strive for continuous improvement and always seek ways to improve the consumers experience with the brand and products. Your mission is to build trust with consumers that results in brand equity.
  • Own vendor relationships for product and packaging. Oversee the costing process, sampling process and ensure production timelines are being met.
  • Drive communications with operational teams (including production team, on-the-ground wellness team, finance and IT) to ensure all business functions are aware of product pipeline and support needs for product launches.
  • Lead team meetings and cross functional meetings. You will be responsible for leading weekly meetings to review problems and progress for your brand(s) and product portfolio with cross functional leaders.
  • You will lead the product and packaging design process. You will work closely with visual designers, industrial designers, creative agencies and others to oversee the design process and ensure the outputs meet the needs of the target consumer as well as applicable regulations.
  • Know the consumer’s wellness journey expands beyond the present and relentlessly pursue an exceptional product experience to earn their trust and mindshare along the way.
  • You are data driven and require validation and ‘proof-of-concept’. You use insights to bring ideas to life. You develop robust business cases to prove market viability for proposed products supported by detailed SWOT analysis.
  • You will know the competitive landscape and will continuously drive to offer the most preferred product in each product segment, relative to your target consumer.
  • Actively join Physician and Patient Advocates in the field to observe, learn and reflect on patients journey and maintains current knowledge of the market and competitive trends.
  • Be curious, keep asking “why” until you reach to the cause of issues and barriers. You’ll know when you get to the root when we’ve arrived there with data and earned others followership.
  • Show ambition when setting goals and raise the bar for you and others around you.
  • Be ready to engage hands-on, we’re trailblazers and building this industry one piece at a time. You’ll find yourself in the driving seat often, i.e., writing a copy, creating presentations, etc.
  • You’re a perfectionist, yet know there is more than one right answer for any problem. You’re open to listen to input from others, reflect and drive alignment.
  • You’re able to retroactively assess a product launch to determine its success. You take these insights and incorporate the learnings into future product launches.



  • Four-year college degree in fields of Business, Marketing, Operations Management
  • Five years or more of relevant marketing and PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT experience
  • Up to 40% travel may be required, across various states of presence or prospective markets
  • Proven experience with product development process, consumer research initiatives, and successful product launches
  • In-depth experience working with visual designers, industrial designers, product vendors and other creative roles.
  • Work experience in consumer goods and packaging A MUST.



  • Surterra provides medical, dental, vision, life, short and long-term disability benefits
  • Surterra offers a 401(k) plan and employee stock purchase plan
  • Surterra provides paid time off. 9 holidays plus vacation.
  • Surterra prefers its employees to stay home when sick; so, you have paid sick days
  • Surterra offers a great place to work that puts employees and its patients first. The work environment is geared to focus on the employees and their comfort, productivity, and enjoyment while they are at work


Be Ethical – Do everything with impeccable integrity.  Be radically transparent, fair and honest with each other.  Do what you say you are going to do.  Be trustworthy.  Avoid deceit, favoritism and discrimination.  Hold people accountable without emotion.  Comply with regulations.  Integrity is a pass/fail quality; you must have it to work with us.

Be a Champion – Always work in the best interest of the patient and the brand.  Empower our patients to find their wellness.  Support their doctors’ recommendations with respect.  Be a constant learner in support of patients’ need for information.  Partner with patients to make the best choices for their well-being.  Fight for their rights to do so.

Be Bold – Be curious, creative and an exemplar of the Surterra brand in all your interactions. Be bold and innovative.  Dream big, take chances.  Investigate and learn with every challenge.  Think three steps ahead and make a plan. Set the strategy and execute against it.   Speed counts.

Be United – Build strong interpersonal relationships based on trust and respect.  Create an inclusive environment where all voices are heard. Listen objectively to opposing views.  Be diplomatic in response to adversity. Always assume good intentions.  Build consensus among competing ideas and personalities.  Be a strong teammate.  Show compassion to everyone.

Be Efficient – Employ a systematic approach to achieve objectives.  Simplify complex and time-consuming activities into simple, efficient actions.  Automate processes wherever possible.  Teach others how to operate within a process.    Never confuse motion for progress.

 Be Well – Organize and operate within a complex and chaotic environment.  Remain calm, poised and effective in stressful situations.  Accept the inevitability of changing priorities and redirect as needed.  Think on your feet.  Be resilient and show grit in the face of challenges.  Avoid taking offense and never be defensive.  Maintain a healthy lifestyle and psychological hardiness.  Set your boundaries and respect the boundaries of others.  Lead by example from the front.

Be Wise – Discern what is appropriate, practical and realistic in any given situation.  Weigh the advantages of competing demands in a regulated industry.  Make decisions that are a win-win for patients and the business.  Say no to good ideas in favor of the best ideas.  Remain open to new information and adapt accordingly.  Use good judgment on appropriate use of limited resources.

 Be Articulate – Show up with confidence.  Communicate with enthusiasm.  Speak and write in a concise, grammatically correct, precise and persuasive manner.  Convey nuances of meaning accurately.  Match styles of communication to each audience and purpose.  Demonstrate executive presence with confidence, decisiveness, dignity and poise.

Apply directly: https://surterra.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=60

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