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Fulfillment Center- Lead Associate, Midway

The Fulfillment Center Lead Associate will be responsible for the following:

  • To assist the Fulfillment center management with assigned tasks and the completion of those tasks. The Fulfillment Center Lead will be the point of contact for a designated group and will be required to report to the Fulfillment Center Shipping Manager (FCSM).
  • The Lead Associates primary role is to designate tasks and follow the progression of all assigned tasks to ensure total completion. Will also be required to perform Fulfillment Associate tasks, chart and track the efficiency of the duties and tasks assigned and report any issues that prohibit the completion of an assigned task.
  • Will be required to complete the proper paperwork to turn in to the FCM daily at the end of each shift documenting all tasks completion and the status of each incomplete task.
  • The Lead Associate will also be able to instruct and train other associates on assigned tasks if needed and monitor Associates production and efficiency. The Lead Associate will track and monitor the production of all products through all stages until finished and ready for packaging.
  • Will input data into the inventory management system and monitor all product lines to issue barcode labels for packaging and inventory reconciliations.
  • Will perform the assembling and filling of various size and shapes of boxes with company product. Will be required to assemble and case product into predetermined product case dimensions without error for inventory and shipping. As well as any other duties assigned to them by the Manager
  • The Lead Associate will also be a point of contact for management in lieu of the department manager when he/she is not available. Will sometimes be required to attend meetings in lieu of management.

Lead Associate requirements:

  • HS graduate with 5 years Lead/Supervisory experience or a 4-year college graduate
  • Required to have a prior lead and/or supervisory experience
  • Must be able to lead by example, instruct/train others
  • Must have excellent interpersonal experience in order to work well with others as well as excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Must demonstrate excellent documentation and accountability skills
  • Will be required to have excellent organizational skills.
  • Must have intermediate to advanced computer skills and knowledge of Microsoft Office applications with an emphasis on excel spreadsheets
  • Must have 1-3 years of warehouse and inventory skills and knowledge to include shipping experience and the use of a computerized inventory management system and barcode scanners. Will have to enter sales orders and produce shipment transfers in the inventory management system with accuracy.
  • Must have a thorough knowledge of the product and overall product accountability and assembly.
  • Will have excellent hand and eye coordination
  • Excellent dexterity to handle product boxes and product as the associate will be constantly assembling and filling boxes.
  • Associate will have to sit, stand, bend, reach up/out/down, climb, carry, push, pull various size boxes, bins, carts, bags, and other equipment constantly in the performance of their daily job tasks. Will have to stand for prolonged periods of time.
  • Must be able to perform intermediate accounting measures; addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions and weight measures.
  • Excellent attention to detail and focus
  • Must be a quick learner and team player
  • Must Be able to lift up to 50lbs repetitively
  • Per State law, Must be 21 years of age or older
  • Must successfully complete a comprehensive background screening.

This position will require Lead and or Supervisory experience along with Inventory and shipping knowledge and experience. The Lead Associate will need to be available beyond normal working hours and be able to adjust to imminent operational changes and work any required overtime in order to get the job done! As well as be available for any weekend/holiday work that is required of the department per the direction of senior management’s request.

This position is a mid-level experienced position with a starting pay of $15.00 per hour with an average work week of 40-60 hours dependent upon production. This position has opportunities for annual (evaluated) performance-based wage increases.

Apply directly: https://www.trulieve.com/careers

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