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Budtenders, Dillon

We are a cozy upscale Marijuana Center which caters to all types of customers. Our employees are some of the most knowledgeable, organized, and intelligent in the business. There is plenty of room for trainable people who take pride in, double-check, and produce excellent work.
We value our customers as much as our employees, and look for well-rounded team members who have an ability to gain buy-in and communicate effectively with varying types of people. We want to treat our customers with respect and give them product and quality that we would expect.
If this sounds like you, please also know the ideal candidate will be detail-oriented, able to work 12 hour shifts, including weekends, evenings and holidays. Must have knowledge of various strains, genetics, current trends, and demonstrate an ability to retain and grow our client base. You must familiarize yourself with MED/store policies and procedures to convey the appropriate message to the public. Applicant must have a state issued support or key badge.
This is a team, and there’s little to no down-time. Dispensary work is hard but rewarding. If you enjoy a fast-paced environment where there’s always something you can contribute, this could be the place for you. Last but not least, we want someone who is passionate about their work and the customer experience.
We are looking for full-time budtenders to start as soon as possible. Our positions are open to those who want a long-term relationship with this industry. If this sounds like you, please follow the steps to apply.

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