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Ancient Healing Methods for Modern Illnesses with Dr Jaffe MD

Using Ancient Healing Methods for Modern Illnesses is the topic of discussion when Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN, interviews Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, MD.

Who is Dr. Jaffe?

Dr. Jaffee is a physician and Sufi Master who has helped patients to achieve dramatic healing results for conditions that Western medicine has deemed irreversible or terminal. Working with Dr. Jaffe, patients are often able to reverse trends towards disease on a spiritual level before the disease has manifested in the physical body.

Medical Spiritual Healing

Medical Spiritual Healing addresses the deep, hidden, inner issues, wounds, beliefs and traumas, or what Dr. Jaffe calls the roots of disease. He believes these causes affect the person subconsciously and cause disease to either form or to appear. The hidden causes actually can hold disease in place and prevents healing, or when alleviated, may be responsible for direct healing itself.

The University of Medical Spiritual Healing (UMSH) specializes in teaching a unified holistic approach to healing the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual elements of disease. Anyone can learn these methods and all are welcome. MSH incorporates 3 components: medical knowledge, subtle-energetic medicine, and spiritual awareness with connection to the Divine to heal disease and suffering.

Professional healthcare practitioners and all individuals wishing to learn how to enlighten their heart are perfect candidates for the University. Students from around the world (5 continents) have studied with Dr. Jaffe and have incorporated his healing method and spiritual teachings within their lives often facilitating miraculous results.

Website: https://drjaffemd.com/
Phone: 888-237-5233

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