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Meet the Ambassadors: Tiffany “Time Bomb” van Soest

Tiffany van Soest is laser-focused on achieving and maintaining her highest mental and physical potential. Known as the “Time Bomb,” she’s a high-performance, mixed martial arts powerhouse with an explosive fighting style.

Tiffany is a champion MMA kickboxer, GLORY kickboxing world champion, and five-time Muay Thai world champion. As an Elixinol ambassador, she incorporates hemp extract products into her daily life and rigorous training routine.

Hemp extract supports a demanding training schedule

Tiffany incorporates hemp CBD extract into her grueling workout, training, and recovery routine every day.

“I really like the Cinnamint Hemp Extract Drops,” she says. “I have them every morning. I typically wake up with sore muscles and feel really tired.

“It’s a good way to start my day, get my head on straight, and just get dialed in and do what I have to do.”

Tiffany also loves using Hemp Balm to nourish and pamper her skin and muscles. “My massage therapist uses the balm when he massages me,” she says.

A peek inside Tiffany’s healthy routine

Tiffany’s day begins early, with a run or surfing session before she heads to the gym for her first of two training sessions. “I try to get some type of movement or do something productive before my first session. Some mornings, I teach a Muay Thai class.”

Her training changes depending on the day and her specific needs. “I take a class with my coach, who teaches, and then we do pad work. On alternating days, I do strength and conditioning at a different gym.”

The six-day-per-week, twice daily training sessions are demanding, so Tiffany makes sure to get plenty of sleep at night and work in an afternoon nap between sessions when she can.

“That nap in between sessions is crucial to powering up,” she says.

Flexible nutrition supports training needs

Tiffany finds that following the principles of certain healthy diets–rather than going all-in on one specific diet–helps her balance her perspective on nutrients and the proper fueling of her body. She tailors her food choices to her specific training needs for the day.

“I take principles from the paleo diet and the ketogenic diet. On certain days when I’m training a bit harder, the ketogenic diet doesn’t really suffice,” she says. “I need more carbs on those days. So I tailor my diet to what I’m doing that day.

“But my rule around food is, if I could pick it or it’s made with ingredients I could have picked, harvested, or killed, then it’s good. I just try to keep it as natural as possible, with as few processed foods as possible.”

Follow Tiffany for fight dates, events, and more on Facebook and @tiffanytimebomb on Instagram, or visit her website at tiffanytimebomb.com.


Photos courtesy of Tiffany van Soest.

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