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Assistant Cultivation Labor Manager – INTERNAL ONLY


This position operates alongside the Cultivation Labor Manager to ensure production of the highest quality plant available. Follows established policies and procedures as necessary to perform job duties and tasks.  Supports techniques and practices in all areas of cultivation of cannabis and the management of the cultivation staff. Maintains the integrity of cultivation areas and supports the cultivation of the best low-THC, high-CBD medical cannabis in the country.



  • Facility Operations – Support facility operations as a member of the cultivation team to produce the highest quality low-THC, high-CBD medical cannabis possible.
  • Management – Support and perform management duties, including hiring the right staff for the positions open within the cultivation team, organizing team activities on a weekly and daily basis, and supporting the needs of the Cultivation Labor Manager in all areas.


  • Understanding and knowledge of the cultivation of plants.
  • Experience introducing new varieties of plants and regional cultivation knowledge.
  • Experience hiring staff members.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, changing, and challenging environment.
  • Analytically and communicatively intelligent.
  • Focuses simultaneously on short- and long-term goals; ability to identify problems quickly.
  • Accurate record keeping.
  • Strong attention to detail, organizational skills and time management abilities.
  • Proficiency in windows-based software and Internet navigation.
  • Ability to pass a background check, including drug testing.
  • Comfort with security protocols, including video monitoring and employee tracking.


  • The ability to lift 50 pounds regularly.
  • The ability to move safely over uneven terrain or in confined spaces.
  • The ability to be able to be in constant standing/moving position.
  • The ability to perform various physical activities, including lifting, standing, and squatting.
  • The ability to work in extreme weather.
  • The ability to wear personal protective gear during portions of the day.
  • The ability to ascend/descend a ladder to service lights and fans.


Apply directly: https://surterra.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=82

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