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Lose Weight While You Sleep: 8 Ways To Burn Calories While You Sleep

Do you know that you can burn calories while sleeping? How can this happen? Everyone knows that exercise and diet are the two ways that help people shed some pounds. However, several science-backed studies have shown that you can actually be successful in your weight loss goals while snoozing. Check out some ideas on how you can change your sleeping habits to burn more calories: Sleep in a dark room. Sleeping in complete darkness is beneficial not only for your sleep but for your weight loss goals. Studies published in the Journal of Pineal Research found that the body produces the hormone melatonin that perks up the production of calorie-burning brown fat. It is also good for promoting sleep. So, if you have trouble burning calories, you may check if your bedroom is exposed to light. You may want to consider putting black curtains or shades to have a better sleep. Lower the thermostat. Research has found that people sleeping in cooler temperature can actually burn more calories than those who sleep in warmer rooms. The study, published in the journal Diabetes showed that people who dozed in cold rooms burned 7 percent more calories than those who don’t. The body can burn as much as 100 calories over the 24-hour sleep. The body works hard to reach its core temperature of 98.6 degrees that burns more calories. Sleep naked. You may be shocked how sleeping naked can actually help you burn more calories. Sleeping with no clothes lowers body…

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