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Top 6 Herbs That Naturally Repel Fleas

Are you sick and tired of annoying fleas? Have you applied so many chemicals-related products but they still come back and attack your home? If you are in that trouble, it means your home is so susceptible and it is badly in need to be protected immediately. Top 5 plants that can repel fleas from your home must be your answers you are looking for. Peppermint  Some research shows that one garden planting peppermint has a less possibility to be attacked by fleas than the one without the mint. For human beings, the flavor of mint can help to calm our mood and chill out when we get stressed, however, for fleas, they find it as an irritable, offensive smell. It is highly recommended that you grow it in a container and put this on your window sill to prevent fleas from jumping into your house. In addition, peppermint also has a variety of advantages such as digestion improvement, skin care, allergy reduction and so on. In case you are unfortunately to be bitten by pesky fleas or mosquitoes, don’t hesitate to crash peppermint leaves and apply it to your bites. This will soothe and cool your itchy skin immediately. Basil A “brother” of Peppermint, Basil, also stands on top plants that can keep fleas away from your home. No matter what position it is, both inside and outside your home, basil works well. To achieve the best effect, you can use water to boil basil. Maintain the little fire…

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