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Spiritual Links to Understanding Illness with Dr. Veronica MD

Ellen Kamhi PhD RN, interviews Dr. Veronica Anderson, MD.

Dr. Veronica Anderson is a medical doctor, Medical Intuitive, Functional Medicine practitioner and Homeopath. She is the author of “But Now I See: A Medical Intuitive Surgeon’s Guide to the Meaning of Your Illness and how to Heal from Chronic and Incurable Disease.”

She began her medical career as an Eye Surgeon and now has the distinction of being both a licensed physician and a practicing psychic. Her Intuitive Rejuvenation Journey Program guides people to wellness by working on the physical aspects of wellness holistically and also unlocking and clearing the emotional, spiritual and energetic triggers and root causes of disease.

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Website: https://drveronica.com/
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phone: 888-886-1216

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