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10 Natural Ways to Beat Colds and Flu

By Lynn Allison at NewsMax Health

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently revealed that last year’s flu season was a record breaker, killing 80,000 Americans.

It was a particularly nasty flu, a strain that tends to put more people in hospital and cause more deaths, particularly among the most vulnerable population: young children and the elderly. Additionally, the flu vaccine provided wasn’t very effective. Experts at the CDC say that this year’s vaccines will be a better match.

Even though it is strongly recommended that we all get vaccinated against the flu as season begins in October, some folks choose to opt out. In fact, the CDC reports that only 44 percent of adults received a flu vaccination last year.

While getting a seasonal flu shot is the single best way to protect against the flu, you can boost your immune system naturally to prevent getting ill.

“Many people choose to get a flu shot while others prefer to review the data to see if that is the best decision for them,” Dr. Ellen Kamhi PhD., R.N., author of the Natural Medicine Chest and a medical school instructor, tells Newsmax.

Kamhi says that whether or not you decide that the flu vaccine is right for you in terms of protection, there are natural ways to help build your own immunity to reduce the chance of getting sick or make the illness less severe.

Here are some suggestions on natural flu fighters and remedies:

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